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Update On Ixora Apartment Unit D 09-XX - Ready For Occupancy on 1st Jan 2021

                  Block D 09 – XX  En-Suite Apartment

This D09-XX unit is rented out . Tenants have moved in.

Another Unit on the 10th Floor similar to this unit will be ready in July 2021.

 (4 individual rooms +4 Bathrooms+ a Hall)

Room 1
Fully furnished  with 7.5 inches Dr Takashi Matress.

Attached Bathroom
New Water Heater, Bidet, Mirror n Glass Holder

Room 2

Private Bathroom

Room 3 - Corner lot with extra windows

View from room3

Attached Bathroom

Room 4

Attached Bathroom



Back yard

Corridor of the 9th floor

Covered Walkway

Covered car park

Swimming Pool

24/7 Security  / Guard House

Security Check / Entry by Access card.

Block D
View from the main road

Ixora -Apartment, MMU Melaka

updated on 13/4/21

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

MMU Melaka Accomodation @ Ixora Apartment

Hello MMU students:
Are you looking for an apartment to stay?
Perhaps you would like to consider this sounder choice of University accommodation.
Block D 09 – XX  

This D 09-XX Ixora Apartment will be available for rent from Jan 2021.

Preferably 4 Students max / apartment (4 individual rooms +4 Bathrooms+ a Hall)

Deal directly :  016-3042651(Mrs Tan)

The entrance 
The Ixora Apartment is the nearest apartment to MMU. It is adjacent to MMU (merely 40 metres apart) . It takes about 3 minutes walking distance to MMU.

The guard house provides 24/7 security services

Block D is the newest block .
This D09-XX En-Suite apartment (4 rooms 4 bathrooms+ a hall ) is at the 9th floor , 124 square meter (1335 sq ft)

There is Lighted, Covered walkway from Block D to MMU.  

3 functioning lifts in Block D

  Scenic view of The Height and surroundings  from the balcony of D 09-XX.

As a guide for your reference, below is the floor plan of this apartment.
Currently there are students occupying this unit. 
Sorry for not being able to share the pictures of each room at the moment. 
For viewing reference please click Here.
I will update once the rooms are available.

There will be a minor renovation of this unit at the end of this year. New owner would like to provide a more conducive living with the following facilities:
  •            New mattresses
  •            New Water heater
  •           New Washing Machine
  •       New Big mirror in the hall
  •        2 doors refrigerator
  •       Water filter
  •           Dining table  with 4 chairs
  •          Sofa
  •           New shoe rack
  •           New coat of paint
  •           Beds, wardrobes, study tables and chairs
  •       Free wifi
  •       Cleaning services - can be arranged
*Air conditioner (optional) - can be arranged. This unit is not hot (not facing the sun)

"A Comfortable & Tranquil Living Environment"
Advantage of staying at Ixora Apartment:
Residences are able to enjoy the clean and well managed big swimming pool. 
Open daily.

 Rental for single occupancy in each room:  RM450.00

·  Room 1 – Attached bathroom 
·  Room 2 – Bathroom outside (Private - for room 2 )   
·  Room 3 – Attached bathroom 
·  Room 4 – Attached bathroom 

Get four friends , you get the whole unit to yourselves. 
Enjoy your stay at D09-XX.

If interested, kinly contact  Mrs Tan directly.
 Tel : 016-3042651 .

you may visit 
for reference

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Gynostemma Pentaphyllum or commonly known as Jiao Gulan

Gynostemma Pentaphyillum

Introducing My Passion and  My Hobby  : 

Jio Gulan also known as poor man GinSeng. contain ...