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Shocking Truth About Moringa New Discoveries August 2018

Update of My Moringa Project
11 Sept 2018

So much satisfaction in cultivating this hobby...
The products from my home grown Moringa plant

High Quality dried Moringa leaves should be fresh green in colour.

 My Dried Moringa leaves

Moringa tea leaves in small individual bag (for one big glass) and family pack (one Jug).

Latest packaging to show the actual colour of my moringa powder, capsules and dried leaves.
See for yourself the quality of my moringa product.

Moringa powder in capsules - this packaging is to display the freshness of my moringa powder.

 (for freshness - keep in a good Tupperware and keep refrigerated)
can last much longer than those sold online.

For further information...

Read more about Moringa... How to eat moringa..

How to eat Moringa?
Moringa Recipes

4 Dec 2016

11 Nov 2016

27 June 2015

One week after pruning the tree.

Update : 20 June 2015

My Moringa plants

So tall ...

I Love Moringa

My Moringa update

DIY 100% Moringa powder in capsules
22 Nov 2014
100% pure Moringa Powder in Capsules
Wow! An Achievement ... Feeling Great...

15 June 2014
5th Harvest 
I'm so glad the plants are growing well. 
I have shared this blessing with many friends and reletives.
Today a friend came and she was happy to receive some fresh leaves, dried leaves and seeds.

Moringa - The Miracle Tree

12 Jan 2014

Special thanks to my eldest brother who introduced Moringa to our family members in Oct 2013.
Out of curiosity i checked on the internet... google ... simply type "Moringa "
It caught my attention.
Wow ! Awesome Plant.
I was fascinated by its content and ability to provide basic nutrient to my body.
 So I started to carry out research on it.
Reading more about Moringa

My love for Moringa began to grow ...

I started to grow Moringa plant for experiment.
This is the result... My experience with Moringa

Moringa Seeds

Seed germinated after 1 week of care
3rd day of growth

One month ... 
To produce more branches ... i cut off the main stem about 10cm from the ground.

2 months old

3 Months old

Moringa Leaves 

Good quality dried moringa leaves should be bright green in colour.

Special thanks to my loyal help maid. 
Moringa leaves powder

Packing and labeling

Done !
Moringa leaves powder ready for consumption.

Fresh Moringa Flowers
Dried Moringa flowers

 Moringa seeds

Moringa Tea
My morning tea

Wonder why is this moringa so special ?

Refer :

Pictures taken from my mobile phone

Moringa Oleifera Kills 93% of Lung Cancer Cells in Vitro: Researchers have just discovered that a cold-water extract of...
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