My Moringa

Gynostemma Pentaphyillum
4 Dec 2016

11 Nov 2016

27 June 2015

One week after pruning the tree.

Update : 20 June 2015

My Moringa plants

So tall ...

I Love Moringa

My Moringa update

DIY 100% Moringa powder in capsules
22 Nov 2014
100% pure Moringa Powder in Capsules
Wow! An Achievement ... Feeling Great...

15 June 2014
5th Harvest 
I'm so glad the plants are growing well. 
I have shared this blessing with many friends and reletives.
Today a friend came and she was happy to receive some fresh leaves, dried leaves and seeds.

Moringa - The Miracle Tree

12 Jan 2014

Special thanks to my eldest brother who introduced Moringa to our family members in Oct 2013.
Out of curiosity i checked on the internet... google ... simply type "Moringa "
It caught my attention.
Wow ! Awesome Plant.
I am fascinated by its content and ability to provide basic nutrient to my body.
 So I started to carry out research on it.
Reading more about Moringa

My love for Moringa begins to grow ...

I started to grow Moringa plant for experiment.
This is the result... My experience with Moringa

Moringa Seeds

Seed germinated after 1 week of care
3rd day of growth

One month ... 
To produce more branches ... i cut off the main stem about 10cm from the ground.

2 months old

3 Months old

Moringa Leaves 

Good quality dried moringa leaves should be bright green in colour.

Special thanks to my loyal help maid. 
Moringa leaves powder

Packing and labeling

Done !
Moringa leaves powder ready for consumption.

Fresh Moringa Flowers
Dried Moringa flowers

 Moringa seeds

Moringa Tea
My morning tea

Wonder why is this moringa so special ?

Refer :

Pictures taken from my mobile phone

Moringa Oleifera Kills 93% of Lung Cancer Cells in Vitro: Researchers have just discovered that a cold-water extract of...
Posted by The Eden Prescription on Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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