Thursday, May 26, 2011

Programme For International Student Assessment (PISA)

Tarikh       :     26 Mei 2011
Masa        :     8.00 pg - 1.00ptg
Tempat     :     Dewan dan Makmal SMKGB
Penganjur :     Bahagian Perancangan Dan Penyelidikan Dasar Pendidikan,
 Dr Latip Bin Muhammad dari KPM, Putrajaya mengendalikan kajian rintis PISA 2012. Aktiviti Kajian rintis ini seperti berikut :
i) Ujian Matematik bertulis
ii) Soal Selidik bertulis
iii) Ujian penyelesaian masalah menggunakan komputer

Sampel soalan Ujian Matematik Bertulis
Seramai 33 murid menjalani kajian rintis PISA 2012 selama 5 jam.

En Roslee Bin Ibrahim, mengendalikan Ujian penyelesaian masalah menggunakan komputer
di Makmal Komputer SMK Gajah Berang
Contoh soalan ujian komputer
Murid-murid sedang membuat persedian dan latihan ujian komputer dengan bantuan pentadbir ujian dari KPM, Putrajaya
Kajian Rintis PISA 2012 berjalan dengan lancar. Terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang terlibat samada secara langsung atau tidak langsung di SMK Gajah Berang.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teacher's day celebration

                              Date  :    16 May 2011
                              Time  : 8.00 am to 10.30am
                              Place :  SMKGB Hall

 Early Preparations
Presents for Teachers

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day - 16 Mei 2011

What Teachers make    --- by Taylor Mali

Taylor Mali : " I make a difference . What about you ? "

Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Ordinary Teacher who makes a difference ... 15 Mei 2011

Happy Teacher's Day to U, my dear darling who makes us proud

The Star Report :  
Tribute to inspiring educators who go the extra mile to motivate their students.

The Star online :
There are educators who are good at their job, and there are those who see teaching as a lifelong calling and put in the effort to inspire their charges.

Sunday May 15, 2011

Beyond the call of duty


There are educators who are good at their job, and there are those who see teaching as a lifelong calling and put in the effort to inspire their charges.
ON HIS blog, Rodney Tan Chai Whatt introduces himself as a progressive English language teacher teaching in a secondary school at the Unesco World Heritage City of Malacca.
Indeed, Tan is one of the “cool” teachers in school who posts revision materials online, and interacts with his students on his English Teachers’ Network blog.
Spaceman: Tan being strapped to the multi-axis trainer by a facilitator. He had to remove his spectacles and and things from his trouser pocket to prevent the items from floating in the air.
“A progressive teacher must be willing to try new things and unorthodox methods in the classroom. I always try to read up on the latest research findings on education to find out how I can keep my students interested,” says the SMK Methodist ACS Malacca teacher.
Always striving to improve himself, Tan had applied to join the Honeywell Space Camp for Educators programme in the United States (US) Space and Rocket Centre, Huntsville, Alabama for the past few years.
Third time proved the charm when he was finally accepted into the all-expenses-paid programme last year.
His accomplishment is the pride of his students who are privileged to have a teacher who has stepped inside a space shuttle simulator.
Joining 110 other teachers from 21 countries worldwide, Tan embarked on an experience of a lifetime exploring the Apollo Saturn V rocket and the famous Space Shuttle Atlantis, and even experimented with building water bottle rockets himself.
“I have been fascinated with space since I was a child, but never in my life did I think I would have had a chance to come this close to being in a space shuttle,” says the affable 49-year-old Star Trek fan who plays the guitar occasionally.
Tan was successful in getting accepted into the all-expenses-paid-programme after three previous attempts.
He submitted his application with an essay detailing the problems faced in the classroom, ways he used in overcoming them and how the experience gained at the Space Camp would be incorporated into his lessons.
“Besides marvelling at the exhibits at the US Space and Rocket Centre, the greatest benefit from the experience (camp) was the opportunity to network and exchange views and ideas with educators from across the globe,” says Tan.
Organised by the US Space and Rocket Centre Education Department, the space camp is a professional development programme for teachers with 45 hours of intensive classroom, laboratory and training time focusing on space science and space exploration.
Teachers also participated in astronaut-style training and simulations, as well as activities to promote lifelong learning in a classroom setting.
“The activities make the process of learning enjoyable and meaningful. Science was brought to life through practical projects such as rocket building,” says Tan.
Aimed at motivating students towards learning Science, the activities were centred around problem-solving methods encompassing problem analysis, brainstorming of ideas and testing of the solutions.
Being surrounded by teachers who are passionate about space has turned out to be a very inspiring experience for Tan.
“They are keen to learn and we are like the excitable students during the challenge where teams of teachers compete to build the heat shields that protect spacecraft as it re-enters the earth’s atmosphere,” says Tan.
He commends the effort taken by the US government to promote continuous learning programmes for teachers.
“It is easy to see why the US is so successful in space exploration. Teachers play an important role in inspiring the next generation of astronauts,” he says.
Voicing his concern for the lack of professional development programmes for teachers in Malaysia, Tan supports other teachers to follow in his footsteps and apply for similar programmes.
“I am an English teacher and I was selected for this programme that caters for Maths and Science teachers. I don’t see why other subject teachers should not give it a try,” says Tan.
Now his students have a reason to look forward to his lessons as they get to listen to their teacher recounting his out-of-space experience which includes being spun around by a multi-axis trainer, a machine which simulates the disorientation astronauts feel during re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere.
There is little wonder now that space frequently becomes a theme in comprehension and essay writing for his students.
“It is a pity that there is not enough emphasis on space in our Science subjects in school. Based on what I have observed, we could replicate, adapt and innovate the US space education programme to suit our local context and resources,” says Tan.
“I hope I can motivate my students to literally and metaphorically ‘reach for the stars’,” he says.
Aim for the stars he does, and Tan is beaming with pride that 12 of his students have recently received offers to participate in a space camp programme for students in Turkey.
> For more information on the Honeywell Space Camp for Educators programme, visit

Happy Teacher's Day - 16 Mei 2011

A Tribute to My Teacher

I'm happy that you're my teacher;
I enjoy each lesson you teach.

As my role model you inspire me
To dream and to work and to reach.

With your kindness you get my attention;
Every day you are planting a seed
Of curiosity and motivation
To know and to grow and succeed.

You help me fulfill my potential;
I'm thankful for all that you've done.
I admire you each day, and I just want to say,
As a teacher, you're number one!

--By Joanna Fuchs

Teacher Prayer

Dear Lord, bless these teachers mightily
as they seek to teach, enrich and guide
Your precious children.
Grant them abundant resources to do their job,
intelligence, wisdom, sensitivity, kindness,
and the material things that make it possible
to turn some of these tender green plants
into the strong, stable trees that will lead our nation,
to transform some of these buds into brilliant flowers
that will bring light, color and happiness
to all who encounter them,
and to give every one of them the tools
to be creative, and productive and to develop
their own kind of success in the world.
Lord, wrap Your loving arms around these teachers
who give so much of themselves to grow our youth
into creative, responsible adults.
We pray that You will immerse them
in your boundless, transcendent love.
We pray that You will strengthen and soothe them
when they have given so much of themselves
that they need Your extra attention, Your extra care.
We love, respect and admire these teachers, Lord
and we pray that you will watch over them always--
these special people who hold our children
and our future in their hands.

By Joanna Fuchs

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kolokium Literasi Maklumat Sekolah Menengah Negeri Melaka 2011

                Tarikh    :   11 Mei 2011
                Masa     :    8.00 pg - 5.00 ptg
                Tempat  :    BTPN Melaka
Pembentangan Modul Literasi Maklumat

Penyampaian Sijil Penghargaan Penulis Modul Literasi Maklumat 
Modul Literasi Maklumat Negeri Melaka

Promosi PSS SMK Gajah Berang

                  Tarikh      :   11 Mei 2011
                  Masa       :   8.00 pagi
                  Tempat    :   Dewan SMK Gajah Berang
                  Sasaran   :  Pelajar BaruTingkatan 6 Bawah

Promosi PSS oleh Pn Teh On Chew, Guru Perpustakaan Dan Media SMKGB

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pemantauan Calon Sekolah Kluster Kecemerlangan Fasa 5

                                      SMK Gajah Berang   :  
                           Calon Sekolah Kluster tahun 2011     
           Pemvarifikasi  :  Kumpulan Jemaah Nazir dan Jaminan Kualiti
                    Tarikh   :   10 Mei 2011
                    Masa    :    8.00 pg - 3.00 ptg

Ketua  :   En Zulkifli Nordin ( Jemaah Nazir & Jaminan Kualiti Putrajaya)
                            Ahli    :    En Zaini  A. Hasan ( JNJK Melaka )
                                           En Yazid B Jali   (JNJK Melaka )
                                          Pn Rogayah Yusop  (JNJK Melaka )
                                           Pn Jamiah Ahmad   (JNJK Melaka  )

Pengetua menyemak persiapan awal pameran dokumentasi sekolah.

Pembentangan  Pengetua : Keunikan SMK Gajah Berang 
                                       Kebitaraan Akademik  :    Matematik dan Kimia
                                       Kebitaraan Koku         :    Gimrama

Sesi Pengenalan Jemaah Nazir dan Pentadbir SMK Gajah Berang pada Jam 8.00 pagi

Dokumentasi Bimbingan Dan Kaunseling

Dokumentasi Aktiviti Sekolah Tahun Semasa

Dokumentasi Kokurikulum

Dokumentasi Aktiviti Sekolah Tahun 2008, 2009 dan 2010

Fail-Fail GKMP -  Bidang Bahasa, Bidang Matematik dan Sains,  
 Bidang Teknik dan Vokasional, dan Bidang Kemanusiaan

Dokumentasi dan Fail-fail Matematik dan Sains

Sijil-Sijil Penghargaan 

Contoh-contoh Fail Guru Cemerlang Matematik

Fail-fail Bidang Bahasa

Dokumentasi Unit Peperiksaan

Fail-fail Bidang Kemanusiaan

Perbincangan  dan Rumusan Hasil Pemantauan

Keadaan Perpustakaan Pada Hari Pemantauan  Jemaah Nazir

Persiapan Makanan  Tengah Hari untuk Tetamu

Suasana mesra semasa makan tengah hari selepas tamat sesi pemantauan.

Pemeriksaan Audit Kewangan 2010 SMK Gajah Berang

                                          Tarikh    :  9 - 11 Mei 2011
                                          Tempat   :   Bilik Suhaimi SMKGB

 Persiapan Awal Dokumentasi Kewangan  SMK Gajah Berang 2010 Untuk Pemeriksaan Audit

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pendaftaran dan Orientasi Tingkatan 6 Bawah 2011

Penyelaras Orientasi Tingkatan 6 Bawah : En Vivakananda
Unit Bimbingan & Kaunseling

Tarikh  :  9 & 10 Mei 2011
Masa  :   8.00 pg - 2.00 ptg
Tempat  :  Dewan SMK Gajah Berang

En Chu Yuan Lye, GPK Tingkatan 6 melayani ibu bapa yang menghadiri majlis ini.

Pendaftaran Pelajar Baru Tingkatan 6 Bawah 2011

Perasmian oleh Pn Hjh Umaizahrah Binti Alwi, Pengetua SMK Gajah Berang

Persembahan Multimedia  : Sejarah SMK Gajah Berang