Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Simple Act of Caring Creates An Endless Ripple

A Simple English Lesson with Great Moral Impact for all 

Thank You  : The Care & Share Movement,  by the Community Chest, SG50 

Amazing heart-warming story. 
Watch this video on how a family struggles to pay for their purchases. This young man is reminded of his childhood and does something REMARKABLE! What will you do if you are the man in the queue?

       The ad shows a young man who notices that a family leave a cke behind at the store because they don't have enough money to purchase it.
So, he buys it and hands it to them. He also hands them a note which says, "A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple."
The family thanks him and presents the cake to their patriarch, an elderly man on a wheelchair.
When they show him the note, the man remembers that he bought this boy a cake when his mother could not afford it years ago.
At that time, he gave the cake and a note with the same message to the boy.

English Lesson

What will you do if you are the man in the queue?

What will you do if you are the little girl?

What do you learn from this video clip ?

What do you think you can do for the less privilege ?

Will you ?

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