Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bulan Matatematik dan Sains 2011

Majlis Pelancaran Bulan Matematik dan Sains SMK Gajah Berang 2011
               Tarikh   : 21 Jun 2011
               Masa    : 7.40 Pagi
               Tempat  :  Dewan SMK Gajah Berang

Nyanian Lagu-lagu patriotik dan Bacaan Ikrar

Rockets Launching Competition

Demonstrasi "Magic Fire Ball"

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Richie Siew said...

Thank you so much, we learned about the fire ball during our visit to Petrosains with our students. Wish all of you out there could try it, our students love it so much.They even wanted to buy the fire balls from me!